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A close up photograph of the texture of a dry leaf.


Purpose is a heavy word.

If you have done something "on purpose", it means you meant it in a way that was notable. It wasn't an accident.

In life, having a sense of "purpose" means that you have clarity in why you do the things you do.

Purpose for me has always meant to do things for a good (by my moral compass's standards) reason.

Those reasons have been: family, happiness, kindness, compassion.

But sometimes we have to do things that are hard to make purposeful. Sometimes we have to go through the motions society requires of us even though they feel meaningless, devoid of reason, and sometimes downright defeating.

Reframing is a powerful tool. Maybe we can find a sense of purpose no matter what we do in our day to day.

Ringing up french fries? You're helping feed a family.

Roofing a house? You're giving other humans a sense of security in their shelter.

Writing code? You're creating software that helps others unleash their creativity and potential.

There are lots of ways to look at things. Maybe shifting your perspective to find a sense of purpose in the otherwise meaningless is a good way to feel less lost.

And if we do things on purpose, maybe we'll do them a little bit better.

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