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Hey, this is Elijah from...

Oxygen Builder
The first performance-focused, themeless website builder for WordPress. Starting on the support team in 2018, Elijah rapidly took on more responsibility and has been helming the project under CEO Louis Reingold's guidance since 2019.
This next generation website builder follows in Oxygen's footsteps with performance & advanced features, but with ease of use as a primary focus, targeting non-technical users and beginners. Elijah helps with content, marketing, and support.
Pie Calendar
Pie Calendar is the simplest way to turn any WordPress post into an event and display it on a calendar. Developed by Elijah in collaboration with Jonathan Jernigan, Pie Calendar was the first fruit of Elijah's "15 minute a day" philosophy. 
A simple interface built with Oxygen & Vue that allows you to visually style a variety of forms generated by WordPress form plugins.
Various TTRPGs
In his spare time, Elijah loves writing & publishing ridiculous table-top role-playing games. Some highlights are "Super High Wizards Built This Castle" & the Napoleon Dynamite tribute game "A Pocket Full Of Tater Tots."
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